I am a first year Ph.D. student at University of Massachusetts Amherst advised by Prof. Brendan T. O'Connor and Prof. Mohit Iyyer. I am broadly interested in learning from crowdsourced/limited data, computational social science and natural language understanding. Recently, I have been working on event factuality models for political discourse analysis.

Previosuly, I also worked as an Applied Scientist in India Machine Learning team at Amazon, Bangalore, where I worked on problems such as - contextual bandits for recommendation systems, inducing product taxonomy from user behaviour on e-commerce platforms and meta-learning approaches for curation of event specific products. Earlier, I also worked in Advanced Technology Lab at Samsung Research, Bangalore. There, I worked on computational methods for detecting and analyzing misinformation on the web. Checkout my work in this area here!

I did my Master's from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore , where I was very fortunate to work with Prof. P. S. Sastry and Prof. Gurunath Gurrala on Instability Prediction in Power Systems using deep learning methods.

Recent News

July 2021 Awarded Grace Hopper Celebration 2021 Student Scholarship
June 2021 Awarded Anuradha and Hanuma Kodavalla Graduate Scholarship in Computer Science
May 2021 Awarded W. Bruce Croft Graduate Scholarship in Computer Science
Jan 2021 Started my Ph.D. in Computer Science at UMass Amherst